The Institute for Management and Economics of Education (IBB) of the University of Teacher Education Zug is engaged in research and knowledge transfer in the fields of leadership/management, quality management, human resource management, in particular human resource development. Target groups are individual actors as well as institutions in the field of education, especially executives.

The IBB has a research and development but also sees itself as a service institution for teachers, school administrators, school boards, cantons, ministries and institutions concerned with the quality and development of educational institutions.

The institute works interdisciplinary, multi-method, multi-level analytical, multi-perspective.


The IBB sees itself as a learning organization with high scientific and entrepreneurial goals. The IBB and its employees stand for the following values:

  • Credibility through seriousness
  • Innovation through internationality
  • Professionalism through technical competence, methodological and social competence
  • Quality through reliable, effective and efficient processes

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