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Continuous Professional Development, Consulting, Services, Support, Researching Development, From Practice With Practicem To and For Practice, High Level Of Quality and Impact

The Education Management working group led by Prof. Dr. Stephan Gerhard Huber focuses on teaching and research as well as knowledge transfer in the areas of leadership/management, innovation, quality management, human resources management, in particular personnel development.

Target groups are individual actors and institutions in the education sector, especially managers and project managers.

The Education Management working group sees itself as a competence center and service facility for teachers, school management, school boards, cantons, ministries and institutions concerned with the quality and development of educational institutions.

The Education Management Working Group works in an interdisciplinary, multi-method, multi-level analytical and multi-perspective manner.

In the spirit of “Responsible Science” (in our work in practice, with practice and for practice), we work on thematically broad-based projects that are highly relevant to science, educational practice and educational policy.

In addition to exploratory projects, we primarily work on multi-year longitudinal projects that also include national, international and interdisciplinary studies. Our team’s work is theory-based/guided/developing, empirical, interdisciplinary, multi-method (quantitative, qualitative and mix-method), multi-level analytical, multi-perspective, geographically local, regional, intercantonal, national, international and dissemination-oriented.


As a working group, we see ourselves as a “learning organization/learning team/multi-professional learning community” with the aim of offering our target groups a high level of benefit and quality.

We stand for the following values:

  • Credibility through seriousness
  • Innovation through internationality
  • Professionalism through technical, methodological and social competence
  • Quality through reliable, effective and efficient processes

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